10/22/16: Going Home

We woke up with the alarm without issue despite Joyce not sleeping well due to the engine noise throbbing in our room. This was likely the pool equipment that seemed to be near our room. We got ready quickly & left for the airport. It was still drizzling but wasn’t very cold even though it was early in the morning. We got to the airpost & parked the car in the Dollar Rent A Car section of the parking garage and dropped the key in the box at the desk since nobody would man the counter until 6. We checked our bag in and went through security without issues. Once at our gate it was a short wait to board the plane to JFK where we would catch our transfer plane back to San Diego. The flight was an easy hour and we landed on time in NYC.

At JFK we grabbed some coffee along with some egg sandwiches at the Starbucks near our gate and the boarded the plane for the last leg home. The flight was uneventful but the iron bladder failed me and I had to hit the bathroom on the flight. I blame the coffee. Once in San Diego we retrieved our checked bag and the found the ride share area and had an Uber driver pick us up. Our ride home was a Prius which got us home safe. Once home we unpacked, did laundry and went through the stacks of mail waiting for us. Back in the land of the green & the brown.


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