12/26/16: The Road To Yosemite

Nothing too exciting today. I got up around 7 & loaded the car and then drove to Vons to pick up ice & some bread for the trip. Once back home Joyce was about ready and we left around 8:30. We grabbed a greasy breakfast at Jack in the Box somewhere North of San Clemente and then continued our journey. LA traffic was horrible as usual and it took about 1 1/2 hours to get through. Traffic finally broke somewhere around Magic Mountain. Lunch was at some Pho place near Fresno that Joyce used Yelp to find. It was actually good Pho. Phoking good Pho I would say. The route was basically 5 N to 99N to 140 W. Our hotel was right on the 140. Joyce’s phone routed us through some local streets for some reason but we made it. Check in was busy since it looked like there was a Chinese tour group checking in. We got our room and all was good though. Our room has a large fridge which is nice since we intend to cook here rather than find food somewhere. After a victory beer or two it was time to sleep. It was nice driving the van again.

Thanks LA!



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